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Easy Hacks To Crack An Interview And How To Get “The Job”

Interviews not a biggie?

At one point of time, all of us have given that first interview where we have had our own panic attacks, sleepless nights pondering about how the interview would go, felt the adrenaline rush, etc etc. Remember how stressed you were about being dressed in the finest formal attire in your closet? How picky you were about what shoes to put on? Or how you would persistently check if there was a slightest crease or stain on your outfit? How your heart skipped a beat at the very thought of whom you’d face in the interview? Or how finicky you’d be about everything you had to carry for the interview, that you’d jot down a checklist and run through it a zillion times not to miss out on anything to avoid embarrassment?

Well, yes! That’s what I want to talk about. As and when the frequency of interviews crossed a particular figure, the importance we give to attend interviews fades away. It’s like a love story; once the honeymoon phase is over, the fireworks and thrill droops out.

But is it a good thing?

NOOOO! It’s definitely not a good sign. Whether you’re giving an interview wholeheartedly in order to get you that job or you’re giving it just to have another option in hand, either way, you should never comprise on prepping up for the interview. Be it brushing up your skill set, or being well dressed from top to toe. There are certain things which are very crucial that you need to emphasise on a daily basis while attending interviews, regardless of whether you’re at a junior level or senior level.

  • Whether asked or not, you NEED to carry a hard copy of your updated resume and sometimes keeping an extra one always comes out handy for last minute goof-ups.
  • Another important terminology that should be given utmost significance is punctuality. White-collared people value time more than anything. It’s a strong love affair they have with time and calendars. See to it that you’re on time for the interview and if there is the slightest delay, keep them posted about it so that they don’t strike you out of their calendar.
  • The way you present yourself. How you dress up, plays a striking role in the interview process. You may be a pass out from one of the top colleges like the IIT’s or BITS or you may hold an impeccable experience with top MNC’s, but if you turn up for an interview wearing flip flops, or casual clothes, you may not be able to leave a lasting impression on the panellists. So, please ensure you’re dressed up in formal attire coupled with formal shoes. There are incidents where I have encountered a few such incidents where the candidates despite clearing all rounds of interview, get rejected in the HR round for not being dressed appropriately. The reason may seem very inconsequential to you, but for companies, it’s of utmost importance.
  • Suppose you have an Interview scheduled and for some reason you can’t make it, please ensure that the concerned people are aware of it and make sure you either ask for a reschedule or communicate to them that you’re not interested in this opportunity anymore, be it dropping a text message, an email or just a phone call. It’s basic chivalry you show towards the time invested in you by all the people involved in this process.
  • Brushing up on your skill set is another important factor you need to stress about. You may be strongly self-assured about your skill set and the experience you possess but that shouldn’t refrain you from running through your core skills. There may be possibilities where you are asked about something and you may get stuck up. It’s always better to prep up a little to avoid an awkward scenario.
  • Know about the company! Meticulous research about the company is requisite. You need to go far beyond what the company is about, and their website. Knowing how far the company has gone in the past few years, the current affairs about the company, and how you shoot questions to the interviewer about your roles and responsibilities in the organisation, and the growth aspect that you can expect, are all like an icing on the cake. This assures the hiring managers on how interested you actually are towards joining the company.
  • A pre-game that you need to do is find out the address and exact location of where you need to be for the interview, a day prior to the interview. Most of the times, its kept for the last minute, only to know you’re struggling to map it right and end up in the anxiety situation.
  • Another subject which is given less importance or rather no importance at all is ‘Body Language’. Body Language is pivotal not only for interviews, its something you can reap benefits from in all walks of your lives. Right gestures, relevant hand movements, and sitting postures speak a lot about you and your personality traits.

Enough said ?!?!?

Let’s make the interview processes smoother by following these minute steps in order to get positive outcomes post the interview.

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  1. Well written by Pallavi and will surely help some youngsters with their interviews.. clearly there has been a detailed application of mind to different mindnsets… all the best

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