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How to find “The Candidate” – Here’s to all the Recruiters!

Be it a small consultancy, top placement services or a startup staffing agency, Recruitment is not easy! It comes with great patience, a thorough study of the market, updating yourself constantly with new tools used in the market and much more. In this day in age, recruitment has gone far beyond skill set matching. There are a plethora of alternatives that can be used to find ‘The Candidate’.

Tired of the daily hassles and dilemma about how to find sources in a short time? Worried about how you’d fill up positions of the given requirements? Well, here are a few things you can do to make recruiting easier that can augur a positive outcome.

Firstly, don’t just stick only to Naukri or LinkedIn. Contrary to popular belief, recruitment is not just about using Naukri or LinkedIn for headhunting. Why stick to one particular dish when you can enjoy and relish a king size buffet meal exploring all the options you have and that too for free! There are numerous ways to find sources apart from these two and a few others like Monster etc. Of course, these are undoubtedly good tools to find sources but only dwelling on these portals won’t help always! It’s time we explore more options in order to attain better results.

Below are a few portals you can use to post your requirements in order to get profiles directly addressed to your respected email. Job Portals like – Angel List | Hirist | Instahyre | iimjobs | Indeed | | Github | Hacker List | Placement India | Career Age | Post Jobs Free | Bitbucket| Source forge | Stack Overflow are a few options which all headhunters must look into. Employee referrals are multifaceted and are shown to be beneficial in most aspects, like the candidate being a better fit as employees have a better understanding of requirements, and may also cost less. So spreading the word with your co-workers is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Another smart way of recruiting is “Social Recruiting”. There has been a remarkable paradigm shift in Social Recruitment in attracting talent. It’s not just about job postings, its about finding talent with the help of your connections from all over. It majorly helps when you have connections on your list from all over the nation and you’re involved in hiring for multiple locations. Any posting on social media spreads like wildfire in a forest and we understand this better as we have all used Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc and observed how within a span of a couple of minutes our likes from zero comes either to a single digit or a double-digit number for even the simplest post we share. It’s also probably one of the best ways of getting referrals.

Also, while approaching candidates, the tone and attitude play a vital role in order to attract them towards the job opportunity. It’s like sweet talking a baby to have food. You should sell the opportunity in the finest possible way talking about every minute aspect about the company, how they have grown in the past few years, etc that makes it eye catchy for them towards the opportunity.


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