How to Hire Right Candidates?

I have come across many job agencies that do a terrible job at recruitment, primarily because they have a wrong idea about the whole recruitment process itself. If you need talent to power your business and I do not know of ONE organization that doesn’t, then don’t make your recruitment process so unfriendly that it drives candidates away.

Most mid-sized companies add more and more steps to their recruitment process all the time. Eventually, only those candidates who are badly in need of a job will stick it out till the end of the whole long tail process of recruitment.

Below are the few simple ways to define & fine tune the process to ensure maximum benefit 

  1. Design a Job Description in such a way that it does not merely sound mechanical, rather excites candidates.
  2. Write a Job Ad creatively that will show how the candidate can make a difference to the team, Business Unit & the Organization rather than including just the tasks that are required
  3. Respond to applicants quickly whether the candidate is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. This will increase the sense of seriousness in hiring and the brand image in the eyes of candidates
  4. Keep the interviews rounds low, schedule them to happen fast. Ideally, all rounds should complete within one week of the application
  5. Do a good candidate management. Ask the candidates to send a list of questions that they have before the interview, or call the candidates and ask them. Their questions are more important than yours
  6. Make interviews more human conversations and interactive. Not just interrogative
  7. Understand what candidates want, why does he/she want to shift jobs, what is he/she looking for in this company. Don’t hire by selling the opportunity, hire by listening to the candidate
  8. Be transparent. Be upfront about the challenges in the Job

    These steps are easy, involves no extra cost and will help you make better hires. 

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