Recruitment- Find Candidates for Jobs and Not Jobs for Candidates

I have been in the Recruitment Industry for over a decade and everyone who knows me thinks I can land them a job. Unfortunately, this is not true. In the world of recruitment, a recruiter is always on the lookout for the perfect fit for the job or I should say the requirement that their organization or customer has given. And, finding the right fit for the job/requirement is tough. Because, the employers not only want the best of the best but they also want someone who comes with exact experience, background, skill-set, years of experience, location fit, budget fit, culture fit etc. etc.

In order to find the best fit candidate, a recruiter has to talk to and engage with 100s of candidates to assess who will fit the bill and if they fit the bill, will they be interested in the job. This takes many days to many weeks of hard work for a recruiter. A recruiter has a target of filling many positions every month, this makes it a lot of hard work for a recruiter.

A recruiter talks to about 15-20 and sometimes 30-40 potential candidates in a day; which means they have no or limited time to do anything else.

In such a scenario, if a candidate is looking for a job and approaches a recruiter, mostly; recruiters will ignore such candidates as they will most likely not have a suitable opportunity for the candidate and definitely not the time to engage with them.

I have personally been approached by many candidates over the past decade and I have mostly tried to invest my time and effort to try and help every candidate with a job opportunity. But, I must admit that I have mostly been unsuccessful. Primarily, because employers don’t want to adjust or compromise with what they want even if they have a candidate who is available to join them today. They not only want the best of the best but someone who fits all of the requirement criteria that they have defined.

Someone once told me that recruitment is like matchmaking. I laughed but now I wonder, is it really true! Maybe. Hence, it is not only tough to find suitable candidates for the employers’ requirement but also to find a suitable job for a candidate who is available and ready to take up almost anything.


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