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Tips for Effective Recruitment Approach

Recruitment is always done based on keywords in the Job Description and keywords in the resume of the candidate. This process holds good for most of the top placement services company. Generally, recruiters talk to the potential candidates for 2-3 minutes over a phone call and submit the resume based on short conversation and keywords in the resume. What this results in is that hiring managers get 100s of resumes based on keywords and unqualified conversations that recruiters have had with the candidates. This does not qualify for the right approach to recruitment.

A recruiter needs to go deep into the job description to understand exactly what the hiring manager wants and should attempt to have a deep requirement qualification discussion with the hiring manager to get the right understanding of the requirement.

Once the recruiter has the right understanding of the requirement process, they need to qualify the resume of the candidates based on keywords, projects they have worked on, key achievements, roles and responsibilities. Post the resume qualification, recruiters need to do a detailed qualification through a quality conversation of 20-30 minutes before deciding that the candidate can be recommended for specific opportunities. Recruiters need to go beyond the initial telephonic conversation and set up an in-person meeting with the candidate to check the candidate’s in-person performance based on their experience and background and also validate if the candidate is the same candidate and not some fake candidate posing as someone else.

Candidate qualification done through in-person meeting not only validates the candidates’ interest and overall quality but it also ensures that candidates do not drop out from the initial in-person interview of the client. The hit ratio or interview to offer ratio based on in-person qualification improves to a great extent. Generally, you would achieve ‘interview to offer’ ratio of 5:1 through in-person qualification.

It’s debatable whether candidates will attend the in-person interview to meet a recruiter. I have conducted thousands of in-person interviews of candidates with the recruiters and seen an improvement in overall quality and results with respect to fulfilling employers requirements with high-quality candidates and well within expected timelines. If certain candidates hesitate or are apprehensive of investing time for an in-person meeting, they are probably not your candidates and it’s better to let go of those candidates in the initial phase itself.

Happy Recruiting!

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