Why Job Stability is Important?

As a recruiter, we are oriented to stay away from job hoppers. The definition of a job hopper according to strategic recruitment solution, can be largely construed as someone who changes jobs in less than 3 years. Especially, candidates who change their jobs every 1 to 1.5 years. The resumes of those candidates are screen rejected by recruiters in 10 seconds.

The primary reason, Employers look for stability in the job is because it is a reflection of candidates

  1. Strength in facing challenging situations
  2. Ability to complete tasks
  3. Perform as per the expectations
  4. And have experience of a full life cycle of job they are expected to perform

Generally, candidates who are not stable is primarily because they don’t exhibit one or more of the above points. And, they are weak, they don’t have the skills required to perform the job and they definitely don’t have the full life cycle experience of the job they are expected to perform. Mostly, the frequent changes by a candidate are because of the pressure of performing as per the expectation and sometimes they are let go of by the employers. In most cases, when candidates are let go, employers don’t hand out a termination letter but a relieving letter. Hence, it is extremely difficult to determine if candidates changed their jobs on their own or they were let go because of performance issues.

If we talk about any midsize to large IT or Software Projects, the duration of those projects is at least 2-3 years and that’s exactly the reason why candidates should have spent that much time with their respective employer to see through the entire software development lifecycle.

Additionally, a lot of candidates change their jobs because they want more money and the easiest way is to change jobs; but at what cost. Cost of impacting your career in the long run? It is not advisable. Contrarily, candidates should work hard, perform better than expectations and demand for more money based on performance. Most employers will be happy to pay more to the high performing employees.

Recommendation for Candidates: No matter what challenges or difficulties you face in your work, with your employer, colleagues, managers, find the solution and stick to your employer. If you are not, you are hampering your own career and growth. If you lack certain skills to perform the job, pick up the skill, spend time in learning the skill required but no matter what don’t take the shortcut route of changing your job because you are going to face similar challenges with your new employer as well.

Happy Job Stability.

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