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Why you shouldn’t lie on your Resume


Yet another challenge faced by recruiters working for best staffing agencies is “Faking skill set” on the resume. Finding the right job is quite challenging and can get anxiety-ridden. You may have the fear of losing out on a job opportunity and may get tempted to fake it on your resume assuming nobody would verify and you’ll get away with it. But faking your resume?! Well, maybe not a great idea.

Lying on your resume is not going to get you anywhere. This whole idea of faking your skill set is as pointless as the appendix we have in our body. Moreover, you’re bound to get caught and you’ll be skating along that edge. Be it a misrepresentation of a minute skill set, or faking the past employment dates, if you’re caught faking your resume, your career is at jeopardy. In this day and age, with the technology that’s been used, you’re very likely to get caught.

You’re wasting not only your time but also everyone else’s. And probably if you hadn’t faked it, you could have given better interviews and got better offers matching the exact skill set you possess. We as recruiters may find your skills a bang on match with the Job Description and may go ahead with your candidature, but the hiring managers won’t spare you. You may sure make it with the initial rounds of the interview but will undoubtedly get stuck during the technical rounds. Or, if you’re lucky enough you may get offered by the company, only to know you’re kicked out in no time once your fibs are revealed and cause damage to your own reputation. By faking it, you’re clearly digging your own grave.

Here’s why you shouldn’t lie on your resume – Employers, by looking at the resume can comprehend whether the candidate is over exaggerating the skill set or is lesser experienced than he/she claims. Lately, it has been observed that many job seekers have been trying to cover their career gaps and therefore, misrepresent their past employment dates. When the employer has the slightest doubts regarding the employment dates, he may instantly call your past employers and figure out when you got laid off or there may be chances you get caught by the employer with date and time details written in your documents like Offer Letter, Resignation Letter, etc.

Similarly, if you have mentioned about any accomplishment in your past organisations, and to cover up, if you have given any references, the employers are smart enough to do their own background checks and dig in to see if the facts you’ve provided are genuine or not.

Therefore, If you want your resume to be eye catchy, sure, please work on it. But be honest about it and probably work on how to showcase it better. Use the help of the internet, but only to make sure your skill sets are portrayed better and not a copy paste of skill sets that you don’t possess.

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