Data Engineer

Full Time


  • To architect the design of the data platform, lead strategic planning and execution for all the data platform changes.
  • Build stream processing systems to capture request/event-level data from source systems, do the pre-processing, compute additional metrics for analysis and make the data available for downstream systems in real-time.
  • All Metrics to be available to end-users in real-time either through dashboards or for ad-hoc Querying, Metric computation logic to be
    completely transparent to end-users.
  • Data platform design to focus on scalability, low latency, high throughput and less maintenance effort. Automatic test cases to validate the accuracy of the metrics.
  • Data Platform to have a backfill mechanism to handle computation logic changes.

Skill Sets

  • Bachelors/master’s in computer science form top tier Engineering School
  • 4+ years prior engineering experience in building scalable systems
  • Prior experience in building stream processing systems (Kafka/Kinesis) – Mandatory
  • Proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • History and Familiarity of server-side development of APIs, databases, DevOps and systems.
  • Prior experience on Spark SQL, Scala, Hadoop, Hive – preferable.
  • Fanatic about building scalable, reliable data products