Data Scientist

Full Time


  • Core Personalisation algorithms – From understanding how to gather the data for cold-start recommendations, to collaborative filtering models, to the incorporation of feedback so that the re-sellers are able to drive more business from the platform.
  • Operations research— every day we make many small (and large) decisions, from what products to procure, where to enable or disable deliveries, reduce the return rate and improving overall efficiency.
  • Insights, Forecasting and predictive models— to make smart decisions, we need to have a crystal ball that tells us with a degree of certainty what will happen in the future by leveraging from tons of data harnessed till now

Skill Sets

    • B Tech, MS in a quantitative discipline (e.g. math, computer science, stats, physics, engineering, operations research)
    • At least 2 years of experience in data science in a similar industry/ Startups
    • Strong SQL skills, Good hold of NoSQL databases
    • High level of proficiency in R, Python, Scala or similar modelling/scripting language
    • Strong hands-on knowledge in statistics, optimization and experience developing and deploying machine learning & data visualization
    • Experience developing and deploying machine learning algorithms that drive consumer engagement, forecasting, ranking & sorting, demand & logistics.
    • Prior experience in e-commerce and scale-up environment preferred