Wondering how to ramp up your Global In-house Center? We can help you with that! Our unique talent delivery model helps to make your GIC more competitive than any other alternative service provider. Our experience in making workforce predictable helps GIC’s establish timely scale & Support. The current business environment is global, complex, agile, and influenced by the digital revolution, which means it is accelerating. To keep up, most multinational corporations are seeking to restructure their service delivery models and to integrate GICs in more expansive ways. Accordingly, GICs are being challenged to rapidly evolve their operating models to move up the value chain. At Talent GPS, we have successfully partnered with leading companies in their efforts to manage the ingenious impact of business transformation through their GICs. We make certain that our clients draw more out of their GICs than just cost arbitrage. Our state-of-the-art Infrastructure, Qualified workforce and proficient Leadership team help you neutralize capacity and capability arbitrage to optimize return on their GIC investments.

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