Insource Assistance

By becoming an extension of your Talent Acquisition team, we can onboard your project team in the most predictable manner. Our Insource assistance is underpinned by an approach of facilitating and supporting functional managers to deliver effective people management as an integral part of their role. When you have a temporary surge in work levels and staff demands or need help in bridging competency gaps, we can assist by assimilating our team of professionals with your workforce. We also offer a flexible set up so that our staff can work either on-site at your office, or remotely. The elaborate recruitment service model acts as an added benefit in future-proofing your organisation so that it can effectively adapt to rapidly changing needs. We undertake the extra load from the Talent Acquisition team of not just in-sourcing, but also other operational tasks freeing up time for Talent Acquisition Business Partners to focus on engaging in business at a strategic level. In-sourcing solutions designed to provide better transparency in the effort, prudent planning and constructive tackling of challenges thus promoting collective problem-solving.