Strategic Recruitment Program

Our Strategic Recruitment Programs (SRP)are established on an inside-out approach that aims at Fulfilling positions & Not Just CV submissions. Built upon our ingenious Recruitment Service Model and based upon rigorous processes, our innovative approach ensures the results you need a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience, greater predictability of cost, and most importantly, improved talent quality. Assisting you at every step of the entire recruitment cycle, we have a Delivery plan tailored for every client’s hiring mission, thus ensuring not only services but a complete experience. Our team has the capability to manage technical assessment and significantly control the time to fill positions.

Each of Strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing Programs is custom built for each of our unique customers. Each program is built with the objective of addressing specific recruitment challenges faced by our customer. Some of the unique challenges that we solve through our SRP are quality of talent, interview to offer ratio, time to offer ratio, employee referral hiring, time to onboard and sometimes addressing the spike in hiring. Alongside, we go on to develop irresistible Employer Value Proposition for our customers and a rock solid candidate validation process to achieve each of the agreed SLA with our customers.

In the process, we are conscious of the fact that we need to provide a world-class experience to our hiring managers and our candidates to achieve the highest levels of hiring manager satisfaction and candidate satisfaction.

Each program has a dedicated team of experienced recruiters who become the extended Strategic Talent Acquisition function of our customers. As an extended TA function, our recruiters represent our customers and are 100% focused to address customer’s recruitment challenges and fulfil their hiring needs. Most of the times, our customers forget that our recruiters are Talent GPS team because our teams are passionate about our customers and their representation.

We abide by a tried & tested service delivery model, designed to make positive impacts on INTERVIEW TO OFFER AND TIME TO OFFER which Saves Hiring Managers time to interview and execute their projects.

In essence, we make sure onboarding will happen.